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Sorry for the radio-silence yesterday. I’ve been having a little blog problem and thought that giving it a break for the night might help. Fingers crossed.

Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was incredibly lazy by my usual standards, but I got some much needed rest (I feel like I slept through the whole thing!) and am already counting down to the long holiday weekend that starts tomorrow afternoon.

I have to admit, the WTFasana Challenge has been going swimmingly, and with three weeks down, it has been much easier to maintain than I originally expected. I have loved it. I look forward to my practice each night, and think I might even be getting stronger. That said, despite sky high temps and soupy thick humidity the past few weeks, I still miss running. I’m ready to re-incorporate marathon training back into my schedule.

Last week, Runner’s World posted this fun celebrity-marathon-time article in their Facebook newsfeed and I was satisfied to know I had beaten Katie Holmes, Oprah, and P.Diddy with my own personal bests. But, you know those sub-4 times are still taunting me, and now Will Ferrell seems to be teasing me, too, with this absurd looking photo.

New goal time? 3:56:12. Other goal, double the length of my legs.

Bouncing back to yoga for a quick minute (are you sick of it yet?), in my daily news binge I came across this headline yesterday, didn’t have time to delve into it, and then took a look when it popped up on the Twitter-feed this morning.

Is yoga a religion? To be honest, that question has basically been the root of yoga’s stigma for me for years and years. During Wanderlust last week, I wrote down a remark that Gabrielle Bernstein made (as if speaking to my soul, I tell you). Yoga is a technology, she told us, referring to it this way throughout her lecture and kundalini class the following morning. Then, while researching online, a yoga studio addressed the question head-on on their FAQ page (I guess a lot of people are wondering!): Is yoga a religion? Yoga is not a religion, the site stated. Yoga is a science of the body and mind. So there’s that. 

To be honest, the more I let go of defining what it is or isn’t, the more I can actually focus in the first place. Seven days to go in the challenge, then it’s back to chasing Will Ferrell around a track. Only part-time, though. Promise.