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Happy Monday, friends!

I had a blissed out weekend full of good company, relaxation, sunshine, and wine, and while a little bummed that it’s Monday, I’m also ready for the fresh start. Last week took it out of me, top to bottom, inside and out, so I am relieved to turn the page and keep moving forward.

I wasn’t really feeling a run last night, but it’s one of those things that I never return home regretting, so off I went. I’m still feeling the result of taking nearly two months off from serious running (every step feels so hard), which makes it even more important to get out the front door in the first place.

Historically, the best way to motivate is by putting a race on the schedule. This has proven harder than anticipated with my rapidly approaching Olympic distance triathlon, so I’m giving that the pass, but running is much more comfortable territory, and putting on shoes to run is so much easier than carving out time in the pool or on the bike.

Despite the race filling crazy-quickly, I got into the B.A.A. Half Marathon, taking place Columbus Day weekend and I’m also anticipating registering to run the Philadelphia Half in November, since the rest of my siblings are doing it, too. Without a full on my fall calendar, I’m going to focus on a PR in each half. And since a PR requires speed, I’m committing myself to track workouts to focus on getting comfortable being uncomfortable. That means getting back on a schedule.

With 11 weeks until the B.A.A. Half, here’s what week one looks like:

3.5 milesYoga4 mile FartlekYoga3.5 miles5 milesXT or Rest

I kind of can’t believe my mileage is so low, but the last thing I want is another stress fracture or overuse injury from jumping back in with too much, too fast, so I’m going to be ramping up over the next two or three weeks. Some last minute cramming for the triathlon should help, too, since I really need to figure out the swimming thing in the next month. Whoops. 

Week one: here we go.