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My gosh, my weekend might best be described by only three words: unplugged and unproductive, followed closely by deeply relaxing. So technically four, but you catch my drift.

After a super successful first three weeks on the WTFasana Challenge and with high hopes for an active weekend, I jam-packed my workout bag full of yoga tights, sports bras, and my favorite Nike Tempo shorts in just about every color, and headed for the Shore. I lugged the bag home last night having not even cracked the zipper. This weekend I vegged out.

I’ll be tacking an extra week onto the yoga challenge to make up for the week missed and am now even more antsy (anstyer? antsier?) to get running than I was before. This morning I woke up sans alarm at 4:23 AM, stoked to hit the road. I did some lazing when I first woke up… in my mind, running at 4:30 is still nighttime, but 5:00 is definitely morning. I laid an outfit out last night and stacked it in the bathroom so I could sneak out quietly and was making my way out of our neighborhood a few minutes after 5.

79 degree and 70% humidity. Woah. Kind of swampy. Hey, at least I color coordinated.

Luckily, I was only going about 3 ½ miles because otherwise I’m not totally sure I would have been able to transition from morning run to office productivity.

I stuck to a familiar route on main roads, but at that hour the traffic was minimal and the whole thing was nice and easy. My watch is buried and uncharged somewhere at the bottom of my gym bag, but the timer on my phone had me running 8:40 miles, which seems a little bit impossible in the soggy pre-dawn humidity. Not that I’m complaining.

And it wouldn’t be a summertime run without the signature tomato-face, right? You can imagine how cute (and overheated I looked) when I arrived at work a few hours later. Man, it takes forever to cool down.

How is your Monday going? Are you a morning person? Favorite time of day to work out?