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New month, new challenge.

To combat the number that seems to be inching ever-upward on my scale and because I know there’s a fair bit of fantastic food coming my way over the next eight weeks, I’m joining in on Run Eat Repeat‘s Pile on the Miles Challenge this November.

It’s taking place November 1-30 and participants set goals to run or walk more during the kick off to our most gluttonous season. You should join! Also, it’s not a competition… it’s just about accountability and goal setting.

Here’s how I established my mileage goal for the coming month.

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My running has been all over the map this year, as you can see in the graph above. I’m not always excellent at remembering to track my workouts, so this isn’t necessarily correct — it seems impossible that I only ran 6 miles in June, for instance — but it made setting my goal a piece of cake. 110 miles. That’s 27.5 miles a week, or 3.6 each day. I’m setting out to make November my most active month of 2013. And then I’ll see how I feel about topping it in December.

Seriously, join me and set your own goal. It’ll be fun.

And, here’s a little round up of Red Sox related stories and entertainment for your Feel Good Friday viewing and/or reading pleasure:

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What are you hoping to accomplish in November? Will we see you at the parade Red Sox Rolling Rally tomorrow?