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There is some good stuff out there on the Internet this week. Did you see the mega-brave woman who held a dance party in the operating room before going into surgery for a double mastectomy? Or how about how Big Papi was this close (okay, not that close) to being Boston’s next mayor? I was also watching the Today Show on TiVo last night (weird, I know. I don’t even watch the Today Show) because they were highlighting Adoption Awareness Month. This couple from the Netherlands met their new daughter live on the air and I cried tears of happiness for them.

But, those aren’t my Feel Good Friday features. This is:

Is this not the embodiment of compassion, humility, selflessness, charity, and grace?

An article in The New Yorker states:

The picture of his kiss of the disfigured man was called beautiful, because, if one is to be honest, many people who couldn’t look away from it might not have been willing to look at all if the Pontiff were Photoshopped out, and the man were there alone. It is one thing, though, to admire a Pope for living the way most people couldn’t. It is another to have a Pope who looks at the way most people do live, and embraces them.

For the isolation this man must often feel, for the tremendous faith on which he seems to lean, and for the compassion that Pope Francis continues to show for people around the world, it seemed right to stop for a moment and think about how I can adopt and enact these same traits in my life in a more mindful and constant way.

In my office, a colleague and I [often] preface snarky remarks and sarcastic stories by “warning” one another, “Okay, this isn’t charitable, but…“, so this weekend (and beyond, I promise), I’m going to work on being charitable, kind, and patient to someone (or some ones, if there end up being multiples) each day.

Are these traits you actively demonstrate or ones you pursue? How do you act charitably?

Pile on the Miles Challenge Update: 22.5/110 miles, 8/30 days