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Are you familiar with the website Upworthy? It’s a website that promotes “things that matter” and I have to say, it sure makes you feel good. A new co-worker mentioned the website in a meeting last week and then I realized I’d seen a handful of the videos when friends shared them on Facebook, which is where I found this week’s Feel Good Friday story.

You know by now that I feel strongly about social justice, and that I value inclusion, kindness, and compassion highly, especially when it comes to people who are differently-abled. That’s why this one got me. It’s a simple story, but I was struck by how the football players were impacted by their friendship with and inclusion of Keith so much more than they had expected. To see how making the decision to give Keith his moment in the spotlight actually enlightened his teammates and changed their perspective was really touching, don’t you think?

I’m piling into the car this afternoon with Cait and Chris, a foam roller, snacks, and showtunes on repeat, and heading south the Philadelphia for Sunday’s Philadelphia Half Marathon. I am pumped. Not only will I be running with my sisters and brother (and cousin and boyfriend-in-law), but my parents will be there to cheer us on, which will mark the first time my whole family has been in the same place together since last Christmas. I’m sure there will be lots to report next week.

Have a wonderful weekend and do something nice for someone who isn’t expecting it. I bet it makes you feel pretty darn good, too. Earlier this week, I held the door for two elderly women who were blown away by the very simple gesture. It seemed like a no-brainer to me, but once they were on their way I heard one say to the other, some people are just so nice. All I’m saying is that the little things still count. A few minutes later I found I was still smiling and realized that holding the door for them actually brightened my day.

Happy weekend!

Pile on the Miles Challenge Update: 42/110 miles, 15/30 days