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Nik and I have been married three years today. We made a really great team this year and it felt like our easiest year of marriage yet. Considering the ups and downs of the past 12 months, I think that means we are getting even better and stronger at this married-life thing.

This year, we hosted our first Thanksgiving, even if I was the only American at the table. We went running together and then stopped, because that wasn’t really our thing.

We surrounded ourselves with family and friends (and I pulled off the best birthday surprise ever) and built wonderful memories, like drinking too much wine with my oldest friend around a massive firepit in Vermont, laughing hard. We experienced our first huge heartbreak of married life and were there for each other, the proverbial shoulder to lean on.

We went to Celtics, Patriots, and Red Sox games and were Boston Strong. I only remember one real argument, which is good because that means I’ve forgotten any others.

And since this is my running blog, it’s worth noting that Nik is the best cheerleader a girl could ask for. A total trouper. He once watched me run a half marathon… along the ocean… in February… while he had the flu. He’s driven far more miles than I have run, schlepping me from race to race. He preps ice baths and has tea ready when I get in the door. Last winter, he’d surprise me on long runs, showing up with Gatorade and gel, telling me I was going faster than he expected and giving me at least an extra mile of boosted pace from the compliment and company. He stood in the rain for each of the 26.2 freezing cold miles of the Vermont City Marathon over Memorial Day weekend, cheering me on. 

He’s my guy.

Here’s to the next mile of this adventure. Onto year four!

All photos thanks to the wonderfully talented Melissa Robotti

Pile on the Miles Challenge: 17.5/110 miles, 6/30 days.