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Good news, friends! Back to running tonight! Well, as long as the polar vortex cracks and allows my running team to meet up for a few mid-week miles in safe, non-icy conditions. That’s the plan though, and my gosh, I’m excited to get back to it. Yoga and lifting have been doing a fine job of holding me over, but I’m ready to run some miles. The plan is for an easy four tonight, but I’ll see who I can tag along with without seeming like a creeper. I’m still new and the club doesn’t let anyone run alone, so I’ll just go with it.

Being more or less [almost] one week post-flu, I jumped back into a more active yoga practice last night with my second PranuVayu class at Exhale. It was sweaty and so, so wonderful. It felt good to move, even though I thought my sad little arms might fall off. We did so many chaturangas. So many. And even though the class was fully stocked with the usual warriors and sun salutations, it didn’t feel like any other class I had taken before. I love when the teacher puts together a thoughtful, creative sequence that keeps us moving and on our toes.

After returning from class last night, I still had to do my quick Abs Diet routine, an abs workout and short lifting circuit. I wasn’t particularly pumped about the push ups, planks, and wall-sits after 90-minutes of yoga which included plenty of core strengthening, but I’m so optimistic about seeing results that I sucked it up.

During my commute last night I read a fluff article debating whether January 6 (the first Monday post-New Years) was the most depressing day of the year. Scientifically, there was absolutely nothing to it — I mean, the “study” was comprised of pulling negative words from people’s Twitter feeds, but it made me wonder. The first workday after an extended holiday or vacation can be pretty brutal, but does the optimism and hopefulness of a new year/clean slate/fresh start really crash and burn that fast?

I’ve always thought Tuesdays were more difficult than Mondays. My theory is that at least on Monday you’re coming off the weekend and it’s a fresh start. Tuesday is just stuck in not-quite-the-middle, so I have to ask, how are you feeling this week? Hanging in there?

P.S. So sorry that I haven’t been very good about posting photos. I’m kind of shy with the camera in public, but pumping up the blog photos is an unofficial resolution so from here on out, onwards and upwards.