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Now that it’s April and the sun has come out — for today, at least — I am feeling optimistic that my compulsion to write might come out from hibernation. I’ve been struggling a little bit to adjust to how to fit writing into my new schedule, so I’m sorry, my friends, for the frequent and lengthy absences. 

The new job and incredibly quick commute have, in fact, left me with much more time than before, but still, I’ve been stuck in a bit of a wintertime funk. Instead of getting up early to run or write, I enjoy more leisurely mornings… sleeping in an extra hour and lazing about until the very last minute when I absolutely must get up and move. Afternoons have been more productive and while I kept up running a couple days a week for the first month or two of the year, more often I’ve been tucking my happy little heart out in barre method classes. 

With the first three months of the year down, I thought it might be an appropriate time to check in on my 2014 goals, and to share some updates.
To refresh your memory, and mine:

Lose 14 pounds. 
Scale back on the vino. 

Run. Farther and faster. Run 850 miles. Sub-4:00 marathon. Sub-1:50 half marathon.
Write (and snail mail) a letter to a friend or family member each month. 

Take better care of my car, without being reminded. 
Be charitable.

To be honest, I’m pleasantly surprised and might go ahead and call it 50-50, if I may be so bold. 

Lose 14 pounds. Down five.Scale back on the vino. Sober, sober, sober.Run. Farther and faster. Run 850 miles. Sub-4:00 marathon. Sub-1:50 half marathon. Fail.
Write (and snail mail) a letter to a friend or family member each month. Not enthusiastically, but notsobad.
Take better care of my car, without being reminded. Sure! We just bought (leased) a new car, but I did a-okay for the first few months and so far, so good with the newbie, too.
Be charitable. Work in progress. Still, I work with dozens of priests and a Cardinal so I’m hoping to catch their holiness.

Okay, okay. Full disclosure: I’m having a baby. It accounts for the weight, the wine, and the running (I lied. I’m blaming the baby, but I just haven’t really run. It’s been a long, cold winter.) and also, just maybe, the lack of posts. I have been so incredibly tired that creativity and real thought haven’t really been in the mix.

I’m 16-weeks now and feeling fantastic. Apart from the intense fatigue and insane heartburn, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how few symptoms I’ve experienced over the past few months. In fact, now that I’m in my second trimester, I don’t feel particularly pregnant at all: my body is still more or less the same and I’m no longer forced to eat saltine crackers before even opening my eyes each morning to stave off the sickness. Really, I can’t complain. I’ll include a full recap in a few days and make some adjustments to my resolutions, but in the meantime, I am excited to finally just come out and say it.

In September, we will be three.

Baby Pereira at 12 1/2 weeks