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Good news and bad news, friends. Good news first: It’s that time of year again. Boston Marathon time. Also known as basically my favorite ever. It’s been a rough year for Boston — lots of horrific tragedies and an unforgiving winter — but we’re a pretty united lot and nothing revs us up like lining the streets from Hopkinton to Boston on the third Monday of April to cheer like crazy. Bad news: I’m going to miss it this year. (Silver lining, I’ll be on vacation!) Don’t worry, I’ve already picked out a Boston t-shirt to bring with me to rock that night (major time zone change) in solidarity.

In case you don’t live in this part of the world (where we’ve been talking about the 118th Boston Marathon since the bombs exploded last April) and want to get some preemptive marathon goosebumps, please enjoy.

#WEWILLRUN – Boston from JJ Miller on Vimeo.

Have a rebellious, active, inspired weekend.