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…it only took me half a month to be decisive enough to put this one together! It helps my odds of success, though, with only 11.5 months left to stick with the plan.

My goals for 2015 are, as usual, a combination of fitness, nutrition, and general life aspirations. As I was fleshing them out, I was tempted to go lofty with my numbers… abs four days a week! Mass every Sunday!… but then, I wanted to be realistic and respect my current state of being, trying to figure out the elusive balance, this year with an infant on the hip.

Sub-1:50 half marathon. No, for real this time. I’m so darn close and while I’m coming into 2015 without the base I’m used to, I’m confident that I can train efficiently and that with the inclusion of concentrated speed workouts (see below), that I can eek in with a one-forty-nine-something.

Dedicate myself to regular speed and ab work. This isn’t that complicated (or so I’m telling myself). Coming back after baby, I can definitely tell that my core isn’t nearly as strong as it used to be and I want to remedy that. I want to dedicate one workout to speed each week and incorporate simple ab exercises at least twice a week. Small, but measurable.

Get comfortable upside down and perfect an unassisted headstand. Over the past few weeks, I’ve added to this list here and there. Added, deleted, revised. Now that I’m working through it one final time, I’m realizing how much these first three resolutions impact one another. A stronger core is going to carry me through my races faster and is going to stabilize me in inversions. I can already do a headstand comfortably with the wall as back-up. This year, I want to pop right up there without assistance.

Attend mass; bring the baby; say our prayers. At Easter mass two years ago, I noticed a note in the parish bulletin that said people who attend mass regularly are happier people. As someone who loves the quiet, reflection, and solitude of that dedicated time, I believe it. Over Christmas, I learned about a book by Anne LaMott called Help, Thanks, Wow. The concept has been bouncing around in my head ever since. My goal: twice a week at the office, once a month on a Sunday.

Do a closet cleanse and purge, purge, purge. My wonderful friend Stephanie posted on her blog this morning about starting a new semester and included a “mini-manifesto” graphic she found on Instagram. The first two points rang especially true, since I’ve been thinking about ways to simplify all of my stuffEliminate the non-essential, it began, followed up by, you don’t need as much as you think you do. Working on social justice projects, I’m pretty keyed into needs versus wants. I’m hitting the closet(s) with trash bags, cleaning out, and donating some excess.
Commit to meal planning and Sunday food prep. This just might be an essential for survival at this stage of the game, but I need to make it official so it lasts past January. Actually dragging out a few cookbooks and planning two or three meals for the work week helps me eat healthier and feel less stressed, especially now that I’m much more interested in coming home and laying on the floor reading books with Henry than pulling together a weeknight feast. Sunday afternoons are for planning and evenings are for prepping two meals for the week.

Read 15 books. This should be no problem, but checking Facebook and watching the news is more mindless than picking up a book, which is exactly why I’m putting the goal in writing. Put down the cell phone (that could be a goal all its own), pick up the paperback. I started this one last night.

I’ll check in on my progress intermittently throughout the year to keep myself accountable and you entertained at my struggle. Are you into resolutions? Goals? What’s on the docket for 2015?