Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Makingprogress on the daycare front. Drop-off and pick-up are both becoming more seamless. Still the same, though? Drop-off is kind of devastating and pick-up, the most exciting moment of my day.
Cookingloads and loads on Sunday nights. It’s like a nervous tick. This week it was a bolognese and potato and corn chowder to get us through the first half of the week.
Drinkingmaybe a touch too much red wine. Reeling it in.
ReadingIt Was Me All Along by one of my favorite bloggers and local girl Andie Mitchell. So far it’s outstanding.
Wantingjust a few more hours in the day. A few for sleep, a few for running.
Lookingfor a truly great pair of [wait for it] distressed, light wash, reasonable skinny jeans. 
Playinga couple of new songs on repeat: Uptown Funk, Ghost, I Bet My Life, Lips Are Movin.
Eatingreally, well, actually! Meal planning and cooking on Sundays, and packing a full, nutritious lunchbox at night seems to be paying off. Even though I’m starving from nursing, I’ve been pretty good about making good choices.
Wishingmy hair would stop falling out. I was warned it was a four-month-post-partum thing. I had hoped I would dodge that bullet.
Enjoyingreading before bed. I’m thinking of adding some book reviews to the blog for wellness, food, and fitness related tomes.
Loving: a new set of Stila liquid eyeliners that I found at Nordstrom Rack for next to nothing. I’ve always worn deep purple or jet black liner, but these days I’m loving the softness of brown instead.
Hopingfor a snow day one of these days! That, or skipping to springtime really fast!
Needingvery little, as it turns out. I’m happy, satisfied, and full. Okay, so maybe I need a way to finagle a weeknight run or two, but overall, it’s all good.
Smellingthis delicious face wash I picked up last week. I’m off salicylic acid cleansers until I finish nursing, but this smells fresh and feels clean.
Feelingsolid about our morning routine right now. Nik and I both get some morning facetime with the little man and we’re all making it to our destinations on time. For the win.
Wearingmy hair natural for the first time in a long time. It saves me an hour every morning and believe it or not, I get compliments. Who knew?!
Followinga new-to-me e-newsletter, The Broadsheet, a daily update from Fortune on the world’s most powerful women.
Noticing: …okay, trying to notice when I’m setting double standards with Nik, primarily when it comes to cellular device usage and distraction.
Bookmarkinga handful of editorials in the LA Times about motherhood. The Mommy WarsStay-at-Home by Economy or Choice, and (my god) Breast Pumps.

Help a girl out: who has a distressed, light wash, reasonable skinny jean recommendation for me? Oh, and share some of the tunes you’re loving. Time for a new treadmill playlist!
To give credit where it is due: To Sum It Up is inspired by and based on tales of me and the husband.