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It’s Friday! We made it! And, better yet, here in Massachusetts we have a long weekend coming our way. Definite grounds for celebration.

Congratulations to Blue Apron free week winners HEATHER and NELL! Thanks for playing all, and ladies, enjoy your Blue Apron meals. Feel free to share thoughts, photos, etc. on Facebook once you’ve enjoyed your meals.

Because there’s just too much good stuff around the Internet this week, I thought I’d link to some of my favorite stories. If there’s anything you’ve found and want to share, link up in the comments!

A first-year teacher who wanted to get to know her students better and ended up starting a movement. #iwishmyteacherknew.

With Marathon Monday just days away, the two year anniversary of the bombings just behind us, and the sentencing phase of the bombing trial immediately ahead, Martin Richards’ parents’ op-ed in the Globe opposing the death penalty for their son’s murderer is dominating local headlines this morning.

Did you know Meb Kelfezighi is from a giant, close-knit family, complete with 11 siblings? Here’s what they think of their marathon champion brother.

I’m a big time lover of profile pieces and Time just released their 100 Most Influential People, each one written by another influencer. Brutal that it features Kim and Kanye, but that’s more an indication of us than them, don’t you think? Here are the five covers.

Just because we have access to almost any fruit or vegetable year round doesn’t mean that’s the way to enjoy them. Check out this cool graphic illustrating fresh vegetables by month.

I occasionally fund a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign and this one about a girl who discovered she had a twin online on social media and then made a documentary about it captivated me. Their film, Twinsters, is on the film festival circuit right now and played for a sold out audience at SXSW.

Finally, and on a similar but not the same note, have you seen the story about the Buzzfeed writer who followed his stolen phone to China? This is a long read and so, so weird, but weeks later I haven’t forgotten it. It’s being turned into a documentary. He became a legit celebrity in China. WTF?

Have an incredible weekend. I know, I usually wish you with three adjectives, but there’s so much random happening on here today, I’m going to keep it simple.