Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Last night after work, there was no doubt: we were going running! The sun was out, it was in the mid-60’s, and Henry had just eaten and been changed at daycare and therefore, definitely good to go for a little while. The stars were aligned.

For the first time, I took Henry out facing forward in the jogger, not facing me in his car seat. He’s completely steady now — sitting on his own and crawling, actually — so even though he’s a peanut, he has the strength to hang tight in the front. This development saves me about 10 pounds of schlep, since we can leave the car seat home.

One thing is for sure: in this hat the sun won’t get in his eyes. Another thing is also for sure, we won’t make it more than 200 yards before he ditches the hat over the side.

Little dude seemed pretty dazed by the whole forward-facing thing. Overstimulated, probably, what with my incredible speed and the wind in his hair and all.

Four miles in 35:45 for 8:56 pace. A tank top and capris. Sunglasses. A napping baby. All good things.

Good news! Both socks made it the entire trip! (I dressed him in crappy socks that don’t fit him right in case we lost any over the side. I had already decided I wasn’t stopping to wrangle them.)

The curve ball of Henry riding in the stroller instead of the car seat was what to do with him when we got home and he was passed out. Usually I’d have a chance for a quick shower, but obviously I wasn’t going to leave the poor dude in the garage (obviously).

Nice little Tuesday night, if I do say so myself.