8 miles was on the list for today’s workout

8 miles was on the list for today’s workout and while it was sunny and clear, I’m still feeling a little gun-shy about the temps, after last week’s daily dips below zero. It should have felt downright balmy… my car thermometer had us hovering between 29 and 33… but I decided to head to the gym to hit the treadmill, nonetheless.

Today’s run was dedicated to my mom.

That’s my mom and I after running a 5K is Disney World during a girls’ weekend we took in October 2011. My parents moved to Germany days later, so my two sisters, mom, and I went down with some friends for a weekend of running, lounging, and fruity-cocktail consuming.

My parents moved to Germany for a few years for my dad’s job, which has been absolutely incredible and makes me jealous all the time. They travel a ton. They had a trip scheduled to ski in the Alps for this coming week, so they headed off to a more local ski resort last week to get some practice in.

Doesn’t she look great? Unfortunately, about a minute and a half later there was a bit of a fall, which resulted in this:

I know. Terrible.

Luckily, she is a complete trooper and is in shockingly high spirits. We Skyped a few times this weekend and honestly, we were laughing so hard we were crying. If there was a camera in their apartment where I could watch she and my dad working through this, I wouldn’t get anything else done because I would be so endlessly entertained.

So, Mom, those crappy 8 miles on the treadmill were for you. I run because I can and because there are others who cannotBy the time they get through this fiasco (still TBD on surgery, etc.) I might have to throw a few miles in there for my dad, as well.

This concludes a great week of workouts and an altogether fantastic day. 

Monday – SpinSpin – 19 miles
Tuesday – RunRun – 3.88 miles
Wednesday – RunSpin – 20 miles
Thursday – SpinRest
Friday – RestRun – 5 miles
Saturday – RunSpin – 18.5 miles
Sunday – YogaRun – 8 miles