A quiet, did-ya-miss-me? return.

You knew I’d be back, didn’t you? Maybe not sure when, but sometime, right?

It’s funny, for awhile I was a little twitchy, automatically logging in to write. Then I abandoned the blog world all together — not reading, not writing, hardly thinking about it at all. Blogs have kind of jumped the shark, I thought to myself. Over-saturated, mostly meh-content; I wasn’t inspired.

What do I have to say? I wondered. I remember writing a year or more ago that even though I’d had a baby, this wasn’t going to become a “mom blog” and my reflections and writing wouldn’t be exclusive to mooning over my handsome baby boy. Then they sort of were, but it was indicative of what was going on in my brain: thinking about parenting, recounting his latest milestones, cracking myself up with baby fashion on repeat, over and over and over. I used to think about real things, I lamented. Running used to make my mind wander. It seemed to have become time for a mental to-do list, or a time when my mind was clear, but clear to think about the little dude I was so often pushing in his stroller out in front of me.

So, I’m not going to lie: nothing has really changed. H is older (a year!) and he babbles to me as we run. I think about him a lot and about how I want to parent and about what our time together and apart looks like. About Nik and me and how we’ve gone from a family of two to a family of three; trying to imagine what a family of four could ever possibly look like. Prematurely wondering and worrying how I will possibly keep running with H as he grows bigger and heavier, or even crazier to imagine, pushing a double stroller. Someday. Maybe.

I ran a PR half marathon this fall, a 1:43:something, crushing my New Year’s Resolution of going under 1:50, taking more than eight minutes off my previous best and cracking the top 8% of runners. I ran the New York City Marathon November 1, set another PR, and had the time of my life. I’ll write a recap and reflections on the marathon. Maybe on the half, too. We’ll see.

You guys, I go back and forth. This little world is like the web-connected notebook beside my bed; my private journal with entries not-so-personal that I don’t mind, or am even glad to share. There are dozens of other places to read about faster, more talented, or more accomplished athletes/ladies/moms. There are hundreds more well-designed than this, more photogenic than this, certainly more editorial and well-planned than this. But it’s not such a bad place to kill some time, right?

What would you like to see? Like to know? What else could I share, or not? More practical stuff, or more thoughts and observations on the go?

For starters, I’m back to the beginning on BBG, two workouts down, 34 to go — the exact same as last time I posted about it, I think. In the nine or 10 weeks of workouts I completed in the spring and early summer, I saw a definitely change in my body and grew absolutely, certainly stronger. I’ve backslid, for sure, but have found a tremendous and supportive network of fit ladies on Instagram (on my *secret* Instagram account, no less) that inspire and motivate me when I can hardly walk my legs are so sore (um, Tuesday) or debating cold pizza or roast sweet potatoes for lunch. It’s fun! So, I’ll include some of that, too.

Let me know what else.

It will be good to hear from you — it’s been awhile!