Hi there. I’m Jillian.

I am 30-years old and live on Boston’s South Shore with my charming husband, Nik, and our new baby, Henry! You can usually find me being absurdly lucky and taking on unlikely challenges, which might be how I became a runner in the first place.

In the winter of 2005, I found myself at an information session for Team In Training and before the night was over, had signed up to run the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Diego Marathon, despite having not run more than a mile since the obligatory timed-mile-run in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

Six months later I crossed the finish line in 4:47:44.

Eight years later, I’ve completed six marathons, cut 40 minutes off my marathon time, and logged thousands of training miles. In the meantime, I’ve dabbled in barre, participated in sprint and olympic triathlons, found my balance on a paddle board, and most recently, taken on yoga wholeheartedly.

This blog has seen many iterations beginning soon after the night I signed up for my first marathon as a way to communicate with my family and friends about training. Now this little world serves to track my training, relay my thoughts, and share the victories, failures, sad, silly, and serious moments when I lace up my shoes, unroll my mat, and (always) sweat.

You can contact me here. Thanks for coming by!