And I just kept running…

Yesterday was one of THOSE Mondays. I woke up with a screaming headache and it stayed with me all day: a case of the Mondays mixed in with a healthy dose of flourescent lighting. Anyway, I was out the door on time at 6 PM, not willing or able to put in any extra time, changed for a run and headed home.

What a night for it.

It was perfectly comfortable and the sunset seemed to delay just long enough for us after work runners. I set out for 6-7 miles, but felt good and refreshed and at ease. My headache went away almost instantly. When I got to the point where I typically take a left and head home, I kept running straight and added an extra 3-miles to my loop. It wasn’t an attractive run… most of it along highways and on sidewalks, but I was focused and thoughtful and perfectly content to just keep on going.

Anyhow, I got home, totally puked and went to bed. Maybe not just the Mondays afterall, (or maybe just truck exhaust on the run) but I felt fine this morning.

One last, unrelated note, since I believe in faith and coincidence and some things just being miraculous or strange. Yesterday I made a couple of donations to the LLS on the websites for the teammates I’m mentoring this season, each in honor or memory of a different person who has touched my life and has been touched by cancer. One was in honor of Tim Sommer, a family friend (Tim’s sister Kristen is Caitlyn’s best friend). Tim has been fighting Hodgkins Lymphoma for the past several months and I thought it would be appropriate that I cheer him on with a donation in his honor. The timing was strangely perfect, as I got home last night and learned that Tim’s cancer has gone into remission. The smallest donation, timed perfectly with an absolute miracle.