Burlington, Vermont… here we come!

It’s time to start packing because in just three short days, we are heading to Vermont! Holy cow, it’s really here!

While researching, I found a great 36 Hours in Burlington article in the New York Times, as well as a basic, but helpful write up on WikiTravel. It’s safe to say that, in addition to running my sixth marathon (!!!) we have plenty of outstanding options for keeping entertained this Memorial Day weekend.

For the most part, I want to just bum around, check out the shops, restaurants, coffee spots, and bars in downtown Burlington. I’ve only been twice–once for a sailing regatta during a weekend in college (which had much less revelry than one might expect for a team of college kids spending a weekend at UVM) and once for a few hour stop during the drive from Montreal back to Boston following a weekend getaway with my mom. I got a taste of the cool city vibe and gorgeous panoramic views, but am looking forward to enjoying more of both this weekend.

Ben and Jerry’s is OBVIOUSLY on the post-race list, as is Magic Hat Brewery. Magnolia comes highly recommended for brunch, but I’m not sure that we’ll make it, as I seem to have also uncovered a creperie! American Flatbread seems like a pre-race, carbo-load no-brainer, so we’ll see if we can squeeze that in. The Burlington earth clock looks like a cool place to snap some photos. Plus… telling the time by my own human shadow?! SO cool!

Between all of this is, of course, the Vermont City Marathon, and some other activities with Team In Training. We are attending a pre-race pasta party Saturday night where Jeff Galloway is speaking, and depending on how I’m feeling (and if time allows) I might join in for a 3-ish mile jaunt on the course with Bart Yasso or a local yoga class Saturday afternoon.

Basically, it sounds like in addition to running a lot, we will be eating a lot. The way it should be.

Any other recommendations you care to share?

P.S. Fun fact! Part of the reason I chose to run Vermont is because it’s a much smaller race than I have run before, with just a few thousand runners. For comparison, the Rock N Roll San Diego marathon has more than 20,000 participants. The city of Burlington itself is a town of 39,000 residents!