Cloudy with a chance of…

Up until this morning, I really and truly hadn’t checked the forecast for Burlington this weekend. Not the long range… not the 5-day… not the weekend. I mean, why bother? On one hand, it’s Memorial Day weekend, so it’s obviously going to be 72 and sunny from Friday morning until Monday night. Furthermore, the forecast doesn’t matter. We’re Vermont-bound and going for a little run Sunday morning regardless. All the same, I caved and this morning I checked the weather.

People, we have good news and bad news. And hopeful news. Yes, always hopeful news.

The good news is that my three trusty web resources for weather are reporting temps between 49 and 59 degrees. As in perfect running weather.

The other good news is that for the most part, the weather guy is always wrong. Because here’s the bad news:

Defiant (I may have stomped my foot), this morning I told Nik, “If it rains, I’m wearing tights!” to which he just nodded and gave me the I couldn’t care less what you wear running lookSo there.

Hopefully the Accuweather temp is correct, the chance of rain is closer, and the weather-Gods at Wunderground are off by a day.

In the meantime, I’ll anticipate and over pack.