Let’s be real: I’m full of ’em.

You want the fitness-related ones, or the food? Too tired, too busy. It’s dark out, the baby… the baby… the baby. Just a tiny bit doesn’t hurt, or a little, or some. I’m sore, I’m cranky, I’m tired. “But she doesn’t have to…” “But she has access to…” Should I go on?

I’m five weeks back into BBG this time around and I have to tell you, back in spring I remember feeling way stronger, leaner, and fit by this point in the circuits. I take a progress photo every four weeks because sometimes actually comparing one alongside the next is the only way to see something happening, so this weekend meant I had to smile for the camera and hope for the best. I was terrified I’d actually look bigger instead of fitter, but luckily I simply looked the same… maybe slightly trimmer if I squinted.

I’ve been completing my workouts — 5:01 AM alarm three mornings a week — but my eating has just been trash, and because it’s dark out! (oh! There it is!) I haven’t been running on the off days and I’m hibernating with junky snacks in the evening. That seasonal shift is killer. Oh! Another one. It’s killer if you let it be. Here I am blaming the weather for poor choices. Blaming that I “have to” (get to!) hang with the babe in the evening and now we can’t take the jogger out for a date.

Try this on for size:

Yowza, right?

It doesn’t. feel. good.

Tell me, what are your excuses and how do you work to bust ’em?