Getting back up to “speed”

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed 12 miles last weekend (pre-Nemo) very comfortably and at an easy 9:15 pace. To achieve my sub-4:00 goal, though, I have a lot of work to do. Now that I’m working on getting back up to “speed,” I’ve been frustrated by how much fitness I lost this fall.

When I received the training schedule from my new coach, Spencer, I was amped to see him highlight the two most important workouts of the week as Tuesday night speed workouts and Saturday long runs. I’m excited to refocus on pace.

Tonight I was back at the gym for an 800 time trial, to establish my baseline for speed workouts.

I started with an 800 warm up at 10 minute mile pace and then sprinted my heart out for the next 800, clocking 6:50 minute mile pace. For the last stretch, I thought a lot about puking. Yowza. After walking another 800 to cool down, I ran 3 more miles to make up for the workout I skipped last night.

By the end I was bizarrely woozy and, full-disclosure, I did donate blood this morning. I don’t think it would have impacted 4 miles, ordinarily, but maybe the time trial was a bit much.

Nothing a scalding hot shower, chamomile tea, and an early bedtime can’t fix!

“A journey of a thousand miles [my note: or 26.2] begins with a single step.” -Chinese Proverb