I feel like the gun has just gone off and

I feel like the gun has just gone off and I’m shuffling across the line: motivated, nervous, excited. My second season with Team in Training is officially under way and without much marketing I’ve managed to collect my first few (very generous) donations. In New Hampshire a few years back, I remember the mentors telling us at Kick Off that once you receive your first donation it’s not about you anymore and you suddenly feel very “in it.” That remains true and I am so impressed and grateful that given the state of the economy people still prioritize giving. So, THANK YOU.

This time around I’m acting as a TNT mentor for several members of the Greater Boston team and I find it so inspiring and fun to be participating in such a diverse and talented group. Last Saturday was my first day back running since before my vacation. I had lofty goals of working out in India–expectations of adventurous runs through the streets of Ahmedabad, exploring Nik’s hometown and seeing real life happening. Reality? I probably would have been hit by a car before I was out of the driveway. My Indian adventure turned into one 5-mile jog on a treadmill at a hotel in Udaipur trying to calculate between kilometers and miles. Glamourous. Anyway, on Saturday morning I gathered with about 20 members of the Greater Boston team for a five-mile run around the Charles. What a perfect morning! The sun was out, it was about 40 degrees, and the company was fantastic. What a great welcome back to TNT and to (hopefully) early-spring.

Monday night we got together for Trivia Night and I met two of my mentees who have already raised $10K for the LLS this season. Talk about inspiring. Susannah and Jon are running in honor of Susannah’s sister, who was diagnosed with cancer this past fall. I congratulated them on their successful fundraising and told Susannah I’d keep her sister in my thoughts. I can’t stop thinking about what she said about her TNT experience so far: that she didn’t feel like she should take the credit for how much they have raised, since it has been an outpouring of support of her sister and the LLS. And, also, how grateful and indebted she feels towards TNT for giving them to opportunity to receive all of the well wishes and support for her sister and family. How gracious. It’s one more thing to think about as I log the miles that it will take to get to San Diego, and then, to the finish line. I am so lucky to have my health and the support of my wonderful family and friends. I feel that way so much these days, given our engagement, fundraising for LLS, and just the everyday awareness that other people aren’t always so lucky.

Love, Jillian

12 miles down, 488 to go.