I had such a fantastic weekend

I had such a fantastic weekend.

Saturday morning I was up early and amped for our 18 mile run in Boston, our second longest run before the San Deigo Rock N Roll Marathon, which is 5-weeks from today. The weather was perfect, the company was fantastic, and everything just well really, really well. I ran with Katie and Su and it felt just like the perfect girl-talk-on-the-go.

The day continued. I washed up and headed for Portsmouth, NH for a haircut at my favorite salon, two hours hanging in a beautiful, open space with a big window looking out onto Market Square and an endless stack of fashion and gossip magazines and no one to answer to. Heather stopped in with her newborn, too! Afterwards I went down to the docks for sangria with some old UNH friends (one I hadn’t seen since graduation!) before heading back home where the entire day caught up with me, I took an Exedrine PM and slept soundly through until morning.

This morning I was up early and down to Providence with two TNT friends to cheer on the runners at the Providence Marathon and Half Marathon. Oh. My. Gosh. It was fabulous. We had some pretty solid signs (Think: Your feet hurt really bad… because you’re kicking so much butt!) and made more than a few people smile as they pushed towards the finish line. It made me want to be out there. I’m so excited for San Diego: five weeks from today! It was a gorgeous day and the sun broke through the clouds right around 11, holding off long enough for everyone to run their race and then get to enjoy it afterwards.

I spent this afternoon lounging and watching the golf tournament on TV (it’s only May 2, but the Red Sox are making it difficult this year), looking up fun wedding details online. I think I’ve decided on bridesmaids dresses and a gorgeous bouquet and I’ve spent more than a little while browsing our photographer’s website. It will be here before we know it. Somehow it’s already 10 PM on Sunday night and while the weekend has been active enough to believe it’s already over, I can’t help but wish I had a few more days of fun… unstructured, nap-when-you-want-to, sunny weather, another glass of white wine? weekend fun.