I kind of got a little off track last week

I kind of got a little off track last week. As I lamented (or bragged, depending on your perspective) in my last post, it can be really hard to stick with the schedule. Life seems to always, without fail, get in the way.

intended to get up and swim on Thursday morning before work, but we had some type of typhoon-crossed-with-a-n’or-easter overnight and ultimately I slept for about 2 1/2 hours. In fact, I was still awake at 4:30, 10 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off for swimming and the wind was howling so loudly that I was pretty sure it would blow my car right off the road if I attempted the 1.8 mile drive to the gym. Then, on Friday, I was just pooped.

Here’s what I managed:

Monday – RestRest
Tuesday – Run (track)Run – 5 miles, intervals
Wednesday – SpinSpin – 17.5 miles
Thursday – SwimThursday – Rest
Friday – RunFriday – Rest
Saturday – SpinSpin – 18 miles
Sunday – Run, 8-9 milesRun – 12 miles

The high point was definitely my long run Sunday morning. My sister’s boyfriend Chris is training for Boston — his first marathon — so we set out for a 10-13 mile training run in the snow Sunday morning. 

It was fun to share some of my marathon tactics with Chris, since I had such a doozy of a day when I took on Boston in 2008. Namely, we live in Boston –> get out on the Boston course. Get familiar with it. Give yourself the home-field-advantage. I also suggested breaking the race into thirds — run the first third easy, the second third with physical strength, and the final stretch with your mental stamina. 

I felt surprisingly good and loved merging my old neighborhood with my old, by combining my old (fairly hilly) 6-mile loop with my new 4-mile loop. With a mile between our old condo and our new house, it added up perfectly.

Since I received an official training schedule for Burlington last weekend, I’m feeling more optimistic about this week, as well. 

Monday – Rest (3 miles instead)
Tuesday – 4xHills
Wednesday – Spin
Thursday – 4 miles
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Run, 5 miles (easy)
Sunday – Run, 5 mile race