I’M BAAACK! How embarrassing to leave

I’M BAAACK! How embarrassing to leave things hanging before the marathon last spring! I’m not sure if I just ran out of steam or hadn’t been quite able to gather my thoughts and so post-less my blog sat. For a year. Yikes.

To recap the NJ Marathon, it went a little something like this. Big ole car accident on Friday, PR-performance on Sunday, not quite sub 4:00 to achieve my personal goal, stress fracture on Monday. Related? Not sure, but it’s all good. 8 weeks in a boot, a summer of Debbie Downer frustration and I spent a good part of 2011 working my way back to where I left off.

Fast forward to August 2012 and I’m actually feeling stronger than ever, having set a new personal best for the half in March, run a strong 21-miles in a 200 mile relay this May and swim-bike-running my way through my first triathlon this weekend. And that’s more or less what has catapulted me back to this happy little page: the desire to keep writing and sharing some of the silly stories, more profound breakthroughs, and (most importantly) my commitment to being fit and healthy. I’m going to work on weaving in a little something new this time around, as well, which is trying out lots of new workouts at different studios and documenting those experiences for you. I hope you’ll stick along for the ride. Honestly, if you’re still around in the first place, it’s a good place to start.