I’m finding myself daydreaming and

I’m finding myself daydreaming and distracted, typing in quick google searches and perusing my favorite blogs: desperately cool style on The Sartorialist, Maryam’s rich textures in My Marrakesh, and then also Runner’s World’s “Next Big Race” feature. Quite a mix, huh? And yet, somehow I feel like that sums me up all at once. What do you think?

I’m eager to travel and explore and the short, grey days in Boston are only making me more antsy.

Incidentally, while debating whether I’d rather vacation to Croatia or Tuscany or maybe squeeze in a race in Oregon or India, my next race is actually the closest to home, requiring very little travel or exotic planning. I’m running the New Jersey Marathon on May 1. Likewise, my training has not yet required very many long runs in any exciting locales, instead venturing out around Weymouth and scouting for For Sale signs in front of my favorite capes. Like many in New England, I’ve hunkered down and kept things local in this unbelievable winter. I’ve started to at least think about the reality that this race is coming up fairly soon. I survived 10 miles last weekend and then smirked re-reading a post and vaguely remembering the feeling of “just” 10 miles. Once I’m dressed and out and moving it’s far less intimidating but in the cold, even bright, sunshine-y cold, it still takes some convincing at the start.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned here that I’m working for Team In Training now. Surely you all know that anyway, but it’s been an interesting transition and in some ways a perfect fit. I love my work and my participants and their stories, but (God help me) miss the structure, rigidity and accountability of sales and being part of a corporation. In any case, I have a team of 153 running the Boston Marathon in 67 days and at least toying with the idea of being the first TNT squad to raise $1 Million for Boston. They are an incredible group and awe-inspiring; I’m finding myself consumed with a need to make this season memorable for them. Maybe that’s the sign of “the right fit”? In any case, the time and energy and responsibility has a tendency to be a bit draining and that’s what brings be back to the daydreams… wondering where I could venture off to for a little while for a run of my own.