Just Friday.

Wrapping up another turbulent week, I am not quite ready to launch, full-scale into normal posting mode with Feel Good Friday. So, today I have a “just Friday” video instead.

This is the video that the Red Sox played to kick off their pre-game ceremony last Saturday, their first home game after the bombings. The ceremony was electric, unifying, and the sense of community was strong. The video is devastating… so much of the day was perfect and filled with promise, until what came next.

In the wake of the Colorado shooting and the Newtown tragedy, there were lots of calls to remember the faces of the victims, not that of the killer. The same is true now. In the wake of heartbreak and incomprehensible violence, we must think of the people who ran towards the smoke,who pulled off their belts and untied their shoelaces to make tourniquets, who ran from the finish line to give blood, and, of course, for the victims. 

Wishing you a peaceful weekend, full of sunshine, family and friends. Get outside and run!