OK, party-people

OK, party-people. Here’s how the week is looking to shake out:

Monday – spin class (19 miles – done!)
Tuesday – run (intervals on the treadmill – 4 miles – done!)
Wednesday – run
Thursday – spin class
Friday – rest
Saturday – run 7-8 miles
Sunday – yoga

It might be a bit on the ambitious side, but I’ll seek out some daily motivation (which today, came in the form of a well-timed Facebook chat from my cousin, Leigh, suggesting I check out the blog Peanut Butter Fingers) and do my best to get it done.

I spent the better part of this afternoon justifying blowing off the gym to come home and get cozy — it is FREEZING out there — but instead poked around the aforementioned adorable blog and found a treadmill workout that inspired me to turn left to hit the gym instead of heading straight for home.

After the first few minutes I modified it more to my liking. The 7.5 incline was killer on my shins, so I reduced the incline to 4 each time it called for the speedy hike up hill. Then, since I finally felt like moving once I was almost done, I jogged at a 10 minute pace for the last five minutes, instead of another incline walk.
Sure enough: “Wow, I really regret that workout.” -Said no one. Ever.