Sweet, sweet progress! I ran two miles

Sweet, sweet progress! I ran two miles last night at 8 minute pace. While I know I cannot sustain that for much more than two miles at this point, I must be getting quicker and maybe a four hour marathon isn’t quite out of reach. Just under two months to go until race day and I was thinking yesterday about how I once made it my goal to run five marathons before I turned 25. Now I will complete five marathons in my first five years of running, but will have missed the mark on birthdays. Perhaps I’ll double it before turning 30. If the spirit moves me… yes, literally.

The sun is coming out more frequently now and we’re just a few weeks away from daylight savings time. It would be some wonder if we survive this wild winter unscathed. Training is ramping up to the toughest pre-marathon weeks. I ran an unbelievable 16 on the Boson Marathon course last weekend, out through the Newton Hills and back, hitting them on the way out and the return. It felt strangely easy (again, progress!) which is really encouraging. Covering the course there were these little recollections of the last time I was out there, with 25,000 other runners and hundreds of thousands of people cheering us on. I feel like I’ve become an entirely different person between now and then and as far as running goes, at least, I’d like to prove it.