Tonight was amazing

Tonight was amazing. Amazing is good news because I’ll tell you what, the rest of the day was totally weird. It started out with a break down on one train, finally making it to my connecting station and then being stranded because of a subway cable fire. In 5 degree (and windy!) temperatures. Estimated time of household departure: 7:10 AM. ETA in my cubical: 3 hours later. My gosh, Boston, you are killing me this week.

But who cares? Tonight was amazing.

My neighbor and spin-class buddy Rebecca texted me at 5:30 with scoop on a 7:30 class that is always mysteriously absent from the online registration system. Turns out you have to call to get in. Open sesame.

We arrived and the teacher did not smile (at all) and was rocking a Citadel t-shirt. The speakers were booming with pre-class dance-mixy classical tunes. And I was afraid. Fast-forward to the most amazing spin class of all time. I swear, I had a ridiculous smile on my face through it all, hill-upon-hill-upon-hill. The music was perfect, the teacher yelled wonderfully motivational and not remotely cheesy affirmations when a hill (see above) just wouldn’t end, and I worked really hard.

Pretty sure I just made plans at 7:30 on every Wednesday night for the rest of my life.