You guys, I went for a run.

You guys, I went for a run.

Full-disclosure, it was .8 miles. But still! I put one foot in front of the other and actually exercised self-control by turning around and running home at the end of the block instead of banging a left and throwing on a few extra miles.

I’ve been feeling antsy for just about every one of the past eight weeks, but have put in miles in the pool and hours upon hours in the yoga studio. It’s been good and, sure, I’m feeling pretty zen, but running is still my first love.

This morning I hit up a free vinyasa class at Lululemon down the street and afterwards, popped into the running shop next door and was fitted for a pair of Nike Zoom Vomero 7s, or, as the runner store guy pointed out, the exact opposite of what you’ve been wearing. Subtle.

I took ’em home and set them on the stairs to bring up to my room tonight, but my-gosh, they were staring at me all afternoon.

So, I promised Nik I would just go to the end of the street and back, wearing my oversized Nantucket sweatshirt as insurance that I wouldn’t get far and off I went. I felt so aware of each step I took, gauging how every single movement felt. The shoes themselves felt a bit like bricks compared to the old pair, but I ran.

Do endorphins activate for a workout that lasts eight minutes?