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I did all of the obligatory night-before the early-morning responsibilities last night: bathing suit on top of shorts and shirt, complete with hair tie and headband. Towel. Rain coat. Swim cap and goggles. Phone alarm. The works.

4:40 AM alarm. Out of bed. Check!

4:45 AM. Teeth, face, eyes, yada yada.

4:50 AM. Glass of water, gym card swipey thing (does anyone else always forget theirs?!), flops and raincoat on.

4:55 AM. Out of the house into the car in the dark, creepy, humid, pre-dawn.

5:00 AM. Semi-friendly good morning to the gym lady at the desk…

5:03 AM. Pool closed for maintenance.

Gym fail.

It is nasty out there this morning, South Shore of Massachusetts. Get cozy and go back to bed or bust out the rain boots.

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