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Man, Boston could really use some feel-good this week, don’t you think? Aaron Hernandez is all over the news, charged with murder (and now suspected of two more), Whitey’s trial is on-going, and the Boston Marathon bomber was back in headlines yesterday for an indictment on 30 charges. On top of that, the Bruins lost the Stanley Cup on Monday night in absolutely astonishing fashion and less than 20 seconds (still, Chicago seems to be just about the classiest city ever, given instances AB, and C), and the Celtics sort of fell apart with Doc Rivers off to LA and Paul Pierce and KG heading to Brooklyn. WTF? So that’s sort of my point. A little feel-good might go a long way.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered.

Allow me to introduce Muji Karim. Muji and I went to UNH together and during college he dated one of my best friends. I’ll never forget the calls from Emily one morning in August nearly two years ago. Muji and his brother, Hussein, had been in a horrific car accident. It was uncertain if Muji would make it.

He survived, but suffered traumatic injuries that included losing both legs and his hand. A college football player, Muji was already familiar with what it meant to be strong, to work hard, to persevere, and to inspire, but, as you will see in this video, over the course of his recovery, he also figured out a way to take those qualities to the next level.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Muji has spent time with some of the bombing victims and has received quite a bit of press in the process (his smile and laughter are contagious, don’t you think?). When it comes to athletes in the news, I’d rather watch this guy any day.