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As a birthday gift to myself this year, I’m gifting myself another challenge.
You may have gathered from my oh-so-clever subject line that my pal Ashleigh and I are taking on a yoga-a-day challenge. We’re trying to start with a little bit more achievable bite sized pieces this time around (I managed 21/31 days of the blog everyday in May challenge) and are aiming for yoga practice five times a week. Still solid and a bit daunting, but with room for real life to creep in. It’s lofty and announcing this, thus demanding accountability, makes those super acrobatic butterflies in my belly go nuts. Hey, AB, this doesn’t commit you, but it does offer my endorsement of your participation.

Happy 29, right?!

I kicked things off last night with a vinyasa flow class with Jamie at Exhale Back Bay, the studio I credit with my yogi transformation. I swear, it’s instant zen just being in the place. Class was fantastic and just what I needed to ease back into exercise after the marathon and last week’s tough stuff. We focused a lot on our feet and hips, balancing and a ton of hip openers, plus some really great new twists I hadn’t tried before.


As Jamie described a sequence she would throw out a half dozen or so options, finishing up by saying, “That’s a whole lot of maybes. Pick which one you like best,” though my favorite line of the night was as we twisted and transformed into a post and she laughed, acknowledging, “This is what I would call a WTFasana.” I like a side of sarcasm with my Sanskrit.*

My first week of the challenge is unreal and exciting. One of the things I had been excited to share before my hiatus was that during a vinyasa class at Back Bay Yoga a few weekends ago (featuring live music and deep relaxation – the perfect prescription for post-marathon recovery), I won a 4-day sage pass to the upcoming Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, Vermont June 20-23! I came across Wanderlust online months ago and was really intrigued by the challenge of a yoga retreat, but was sidelined by the expense of signing up. Now there are no excuses and next week I will be Vermont-bound once again. I can’t wait to report back!

On the line-up for the first week (Tuesday to Tuesday, from the first day of my challenge on June 11):Tuesday, June 11 – vinyasa flow @ Exhale Back BayThursday, June 13 – “It’s Britney, B*&^%” hip-hop yoga @ Sweat & SoulFriday, June 14 – power yoga @ Exhale Back BaySunday, June 16 – power yoga @ Open DoorsMonday, June 17 – Yogi Revolution “Love is the Solution” workshop @ Back Bay Yoga 

*Ashleigh, I think I may have inadvertently just named our yoga challenge. Does “the WTFasana Challenge” work for you?