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We made it, friends. Happy Friday! It is currently pouring rain here in Boston, but thanks to summer Fridays at my company, I’m home and cozy, upstairs in my husband’s office listening to the rain pelt at our windows.

I had a video that a colleague shared with me in the office yesterday that I was sure I wanted to share, but then this one popped up in an old friend’s Facebook feed this morning. I actually teared up while watching it on the train to work.

Don’t let my tears scare you away – I cry at especially sweet television commercials, after all – this teacher and father is quite a guy. Even more impressive than the way he comes across as such a genuine, articulate, selfless man, is the way that his high school students describe how much he means to them. At moments funny, sweet, awe-inspiring, and raw, this video gave me a glimpse of a real everyday hero.

Earlier this week my copy of Yeah Dave’s Guide to Living in the Moment arrived in my mailbox and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. In one early chapter he talks about being financially rich versus spiritually rich, elaborating by talking about teachers who have a profound impact on their student’s lives, sometimes for many years after the students have graduated from their class. Even if the teacher’s salary maxes out at something like $60,000, he or she may be spiritually very rich, doing what they love (if that is their true passion, of course) and making an impact that is spiritually and emotionally satisfying. I thought about that watching this video, too. Not that it had anything to do with money, but it seemed that Mr. Wright’s relentless pursuit of the WHY, his care and concern for his students (many with backgrounds far different than his own) and his advocacy, love, and pride for and on behalf of his family filled him up to the very top.

Have a really, really wonderful weekend.