Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Welp, I did it. I managed to get out of bed before work for a run so I wouldn’t automatically bail the instant I walk in the door upon returning from the commute in the evening. Granted I had a morning doctor’s appointment, so I didn’t actually have to get up any earlier than usual to squeeze it in. Baby steps.

I do, however, deserve at least a teeny tiny bit of credit for THIS, right?!

Holy crow! 41 degrees? It’s September!

I rocked my favorite green striped shorts (with complementing Sauconys, of course), a short-sleeved running top, and for the first time since spring, a jacket. It turned out to be sort of overkill, but nonetheless, I stayed cozy.

With a limited amount of time to run before I’d be late for my appointment, I threw in a quick 4 1/2 (4.65, to be exact) around our neighborhood. I was pleased with my consistency, running splits of 8:05, 8:29, 8:22, 8:06, and 8:08. I still feel nostalgic for the times when low-8 pace was the usual and cannot comprehend maintaining the pace for 13 or even 26 miles. Baby steps, again, I guess.

Likewise, I’m about to start taking baby steps towards my weight loss goals instead of just lamenting each time I step on the scale and eliminating entire food groups (delicious, mostly) from my diet. Little by little, I have to keep moving forward. Over dinner last night, I realized our in-laws will be back in just about 10 weeks for the holidays. Ever the lady to make sweeping statements, “You watch!” I told my sister-in-law, “When you get back in 10 weeks, I’ll weigh 10 pounds less!

Guess my baby steps better start moving at a pretty rapid pace.