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I know. Blogtember. I missed TWO days. But it was so worth it.

One month ago, my sister-in-law and I started plotting a way to give my husband the best 40th birthday present ever. She and one of his best friends rather impulsively booked flights from India to Boston and we went on super secret lock down. We hadn’t seen either of them in three years. It was so exciting and completely torturous.

Keeping the secret was SO hard… I’m a chatty-Cathy and basically talk at or with Nik all day long everyday, so keeping such a huge secret from him and trying to plot how we would manage to surprise him was super challenging. But, as with most challenging things, the pay off is completely worth it.

Seeing him walk around in shock, with a huge grin on his face, repeatedly hugging his sister and friend, and asking me over and over, How did you manage?! was priceless.

Wishing you a weekend of family, good friends, great times, and maybe a few surprises.