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What’s your dream job? Your best case scenario? The job that would have you launching yourself out of bed each morning, excited to dig into what each day holds?

Scared to death of answering that question? What would you do if you could not fail?

Serving as a “Running Concierge” would have to fall somewhere near the top of my list. Hospitality experience: check! Event management experience: yup! Managing a running team: sure thing! Blogging: don’t mind if I do! Can you imagine?


RunWESTIN debuted their new Run Concierge, Chris Heuisler, at the Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon last weekend and he was featured in Runner’s World this morning. Really cool stuff. As part of the application process, he also put together this video about who he is and what running means to him.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and dream big.