Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Hi there, friends. Happy Monday. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and, if you’re here in New England, got outside as much as possible to enjoy the gorgeous weather. We were on the go all weekend, between our guests from way out of town and a handful of others from nearby out of town like New York and New Jersey. I’m full to the very top grateful for the great time Nik and I have had with family these past few days. Monday morning came as a little bit of a rude awakening this time around and it feels appropriately grey and damp compared to the crisp, cool sunshine we enjoyed over the weekend.

Oh! My wonderful weekend was also a long weekend. After throwing a birthday party for Nik Thursday night, I took Friday off to enjoy with our sisters. Nik headed out shopping with his visitors early Friday and my middle sister, Cait, was taking care of errands closer to her house, so Corey and I laced up and headed out for a run.

Cruising into transition after 7 miles
in the NJ Marathon Relay
All smiles, all the time

Corey is training for her first half marathon after absolutely killing it in the half marathon relay in New Jersey earlier this spring. I’ll tell you what, it makes me SO proud to see her chipping away at the training and I can’t wait to cheer her across the finish line in November. With those teeny-tiny legs, how many steps do you think it takes to cover 13.1 miles?

Running in the fall makes running any other time of year seem so unpleasant. It’s so comfortable and bright and energizing. Corey and I ran around my usual 5 mile loop and I was really happy for her… she killed it on the hills (where she runs by our house in New Jersey is pretty darn flat)… and had a great attitude throughout. We talked about some first-timer tips and how to work through the next few weeks of training. I wonder if when I ran my first marathon back in 2006, my parents ever thought all of their kids would be taking on endurance events someday soon.

Sunday morning I woke up and headed out for the almost same exact loop, sans sister. It was nice to have the time to myself to just think and enjoy some tunes. There were tons of people out heading to church and clogging up the roads and sidewalks by Dunkin Donuts, but I was feeling good and cheerful and carefree as I bounced around them. I’ve been running with the MapMyRun app recently because I keep forgetting to charge my Garmin and I appreciate music while I ramp back up mileage and I have to admit, I do love that lady’s updates. Especially the one when, at my four mile split, she let me know I had run a 7:47 mile. Love that!

Leaves are already starting to change

The entire run felt fantastic and was a nice rebound from the crappy 8 ½ the weekend before. I’m hoping to get out on the Charles for another long run this week and would love to get my first double-digit run of the fall in the books.

My Sunday morning breakdown was 5 ½ miles in 45:50. My mile splits were 7:55 (downhill), 8:46 (uphill), 8:28, 8:15, 7:47 (uphill, believe it or not), and 8:51 (super uphill and tired, obviously). I was super pumped to get my week off on a strong note.