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Last night the endorphins were a-flowin’.

It’s been a bit rocky getting back into the swing of things since my running sabbatical this summer, so I have to say, I felt a bit overdue for a really good effort with results I could be pumped about. Finally. 

I layered up in some warmer gear, rocked my reflector vest, and hit the road after work for five miles before getting comfy for the Sox game. 

Strangely excited that I needed a coat

Right out of my driveway I felt great, so I went with it. MapMyRun still hates me (it called Tuesday night’s 7-miler a 3.5), so I wore my Garmin and was pumped when mile one beeped in at 7:48. Welp, I thought, that’s cool, but I’m about to go uphill and surely I won’t keep that up.

You know me. Super self-confident.

Oh, wait. 

I was a little more cautious on my way up a long, gradual hill because it was super dark and I was afraid I might trip and fall into incoming traffic (getting smooshed, obviously). I tried to keep my pace up, knowing there was a good, flat stretch at the top where I could recover. Mile two was 8:01. 

Mile three was another pitch dark sidewalk, so I concentrated on keeping an eye out in front of me and on keeping me arms low and tucked in a bit better. I have very little sense of what “good” running form looks like, so when I hear a piece of advice, I’m open minded. Someone mentioned I’d run faster and more effortlessly if I kept my arms down, so I’m trying it. Full disclosure, I was with a few people when I got the advice and am not entirely sure it was for me, but for now I’m going with it. I clocked a 7:53 for mile three. 

Truly, I thought that was basically it. 8:30s or 9:00s for miles four and five, I thought. I eased up for a stretch and took a short, steep hill into a neighborhood near home. My legs felt tired and my throat hurt a little from the cold, but knowing I was only looking at five miles for the night (and restorative yoga tonight), I hung in there. 8:06. 

My last mile is mostly uphill — hence the quick first mile, I guess — but it also gets me back to the couch, so I set out to finish strong. Ugh. All uphill. The whole way back. Plugging along, I knew the basic quarter-mile markers and landed back at my driveway at 4.92 miles. Groaning (out loud) I took a quick loop down the street to finish it out at five in 39:40 (just barely!), with a 7:52 for my fifth mile split.

Just squeaking in at 39:40

Finally. I can’t remember the last time I ran a good, solid workout at a pace under eight minute pace. I have to check my Daily Mile log because I’m not sure if I have! Most importantly, it was super fun, felt good, and had me smiling from start to finish.

Smiling, but super sweaty

I’m off to a team retreat for the day, being hosted at Google. Is it weird that I’m mostly pumped to eat at the Google cafeteria?

How are your workouts going this week?