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Yesterday was a crazy, out of the ordinary sort of day for me and I loved it. First, my team had our annual retreat hosted at Google’s Cambridge, Mass. office. It was so much fun to check out their offices and to see how they work (yes, it’s way cooler than your office), and an added bonus for me was that I only had to take one train to get there. Score!

You know I was looking forward to lunch at the Google cafeteria and it did not disappoint. Not. At. All. There were dozens of amazing, gourmet stations, loads of fresh fruit, juices, and infused waters, and churros for dessert. Churros! I settled for a cup of apple and parsnip soup, roasted red pepper/feta/jalapeño hummus with focaccia, and a huge salad with tofu and rosemary infused olive oil. I was starving and it was heaven. Oh, and churros for dessert. Obviously.  

After the retreat, our team headed to Mead Hall for cocktails. I could only stay a little while, but I had a yummy little cider, Bantam Wunderkind, and chatted with my girls before heading for the train back to the South Shore. 

My local lululemon store put together a special candlelight yoga class last night to celebrate their 7th anniversary and as a fundraiser for Charity:Water. I was really nervous going to the class by myself, especially since I forgot we were supposed to wear all black and white and I had packed navy/white checked yoga tights. I know, not a big deal, but I get stressed all the same. I reminded myself that when petty things are getting me keyed up I need yoga more than ever, so I found an empty mat in the middle of the room and calmed my breathing, setting a deliberate and important intention: to stop being so hard on myself and to stop comparing myself to the gorgeous yogis around me. 

Lululemon ambassador Kim Speer lead the class, Moonlight Mandala, which was held at the Atlantica restaurant in Cohasset. Lululemon also very generously gave us yoga mats as a thank you gift for coming. I couldn’t believe it and am so grateful! The venue was gorgeous and I added to restaurant to the sort of shortlist of South Shore places Nik and I should explore for dinner. Kim taught a really great class, too, focused on being present and finding calm in this “crazy, wild world,” as she called it. 

I laughed to myself as I settled in as a lulu employee handed out blindfolds that were optional for class. Talk about letting go of comparison and the lovely ladies around you when I worried about my yoga pants. The class lent itself to literally closing my eyes to them and looking inward. Ah-ha. (I did part of the class blindfolded, but not the whole thing. I get dizzy and have shoddy balance to begin with.)

When class ended, waitresses arrived with tray passed champagne and appetizers and while I didn’t partake, I thought it was such a lovely way to spend a Thursday night. It also made me really crave a yoga community closer to home, or to crack into the one I found last night. I love, love, love Exhale and Back Bay Yoga, but it would be so amazing to take a class like last night surrounded by new friends instead of people who look like we might all get along. 

The purpose last night, in addition to getting zen and celebrating with such a beautiful and dedicated room of yogis (90 of us, they said!), was to raise awareness and funds for Charity:Water. The lululemon campaign is funding clean water in Cambodia, but I was familiar with the cause because of a tragic, and in some respects triumphant, story from a few years ago:

Wishing you a healthy, confident, compassionate weekend.

*Lululemon had a photographer at the event last night. My iPhone photos didn’t do justice to how beautiful the event was, so I’ll update with photos if I find any good ones to share.*