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At the risk of jinxing myself, I think I’m starting to feel better. A gulp of Nyquil last night and I slept like a baby (a rarity… I’m a terrible sleeper), and woke up feeling much better today. To celebrate, I’ll be heading out for a run with Kaitlyn after work tonight and trying to get back into the groove for the remainder of the week.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been going back and forth about registered for my next (7th) marathon. I’ve basically decided that if I pull the trigger, I’ll sign up for the Hyannis Marathon. It is close to home, reasonable, and held in the dead of winter. I’ve run the half before and the full is simply two loops, which I realize sounds like torture for a lot of people, but as I’ve mentioned, I thrive on the familiar. I prefer cooler running temps than warm (I mean, it was 39 at the start in Burlington… I’ll just need another layer!), and it’s not so far out that I don’t have a grasp on what life might look like that far down the road. The down side for me isn’t the weather, but the size of the race. It’s really, really small. 400 runners small. 2,500 take on the half, so there’d be company for the first few hours, but after that, I’d be flying (mostly) solo. Still, I’m leaning towards going for it, but also reigning in my impulsiveness for at least a few more days. If I don’t go for the full, I’ll at least be down for the half.

In the meantime, I registered for an earlier half marathon to tide me over: the Holiday Half MerryThon, which takes place in Gloucester, MA in early December. I saw it online this morning and then got a text from Kaitlyn during my lunch break, telling me to check it out. FATE! It’s a few weeks after the Philly Half and I’ve run at least part of the course before, during the Lone Gull 10K. The course is spectacularly beautiful, with rolling hills and sweeping – sweeping – ocean views. I expect it will be cold, but it will be one more accountability on the calendar, which is just what I need.

Has anyone run any turbo small races before? Would you do it again?