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I have a small, but tremendous contribution to the blog world today and it is called Songza.

Trust me, it’s life-changing for those of you who spend any amount of time sitting at a desk and I suppose it’s probably equally (or more?) awesome for people who use it at the gym or on the go. I have a new neighbor at work and she told me about Songza sometime towards the end of her first week. Now we’re besties because, really, it makes the plod along toward Bagel Friday so much more fantastic.

Here’s how it works:

Visit Now the options start. Either plug in how you’re feeling based on the time of day (a la It’s Monday afternoon. Play music for: an energy boost, working (with lyrics), brand new music, working (no lyrics), quitting your job.

From there, choose the list that best spells out exactly what you need to get through the afternoon. I’m partial to hand-clapping and foot-stomping, but sometimes the lists also have extra special names like “Girl, hold my earrings” or “Damn right I’m somebody.”

That not working for you? From the main screen, click into the Browse All option. Explore activities, genres, moods, and decades to your heart’s content.

Not gonna lie… Get Pumped: Pop Anthems in the “Motivational” category has gotten me through some brutal stretches of data entry. And the next time it’s grey and rainy, I might click into The Saddest Songs of All Time. If you find a list you like you can search other playlists by the creator to see if you’re twins and like all the same tunes.

So the fun of it is that you can create whatever you want. Fo’ free. With no commercials. I’ve re-gifted this outstanding discovery to friends and family with a full-range of musical interests and I promise, there’s something in here for you.

What are you in the mood for this Monday afternoon? It’s Monday afternoon. Play music for __________.

Pile on the Miles Challenge Update: 22.5/110 miles, 11/30 days (I took the entire weekend off due to a tweaky shin. I didn’t want to push my luck with a race this weekend, but I’ll be back at it tonight and working on catching up to 110 mile pace!)