Short stories from long runs

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Happy Friday, loves! What a lonnnng week. I’m so close to Christmas vacation, but think time might move in slow motion until then, so I’m especially grateful that today is FRIDAY!

Full disclosure: my work friends and I spent a good chunk of our Thursday afternoon shooting videos to one another across the office, so I have all sorts of ammo for Feel Good Friday. I boiled it down to two… One sweet and one hilarious and both holiday related. I’ll go with the sweet, misty-tear-inducing one first so you can follow it with a good laugh.

Honestly. How sweet is this? Why I love the most is the sheer joy and surprise, how Santa’s elves are loving it as much as the ones receiving the gifts, and how underwear or big screen TV… Everyone is so genuinely touched.

What’s the baby’s name? Arrow?! ARROW?! NOOhmygosh, it kills me.

We are bracing ourselves for snow this weekend, which should be fun since we have family in town from India! Hopefully we’ll bundle up, crank the seat heaters, and drive around town with hot chocolate checking out all the decorations and sparkly houses!

Wishing you a sparkling bright weekend!