Short stories from long runs

This blog about my run and training

Last night I joined a group run coordinated by my old/new running club, not motivated enough to hit the road on my own in the dark/cold. I’m not sure how often I’ll hit up the twice-weekly 5.5 mile workouts, but have to imagine I’m far more likely to run consistently through the winter with like-minded friends.

Speaking of friends, one of my pretend friends jumped the ranks and became real last night. You see, I use the website Daily Mile to track my workouts, though I don’t use it fully as a social network. When my cousin Leigh and I were training for the New Jersey Marathon, there was nothing more motivating than seeing she had already booked 17 miles on a Saturday morning and lacing up to match it. Over the course of a few years, though, I’ve acquired a couple of Daily Mile fake friends. I have no idea how or where I found them, but like Leigh, seeing their training play out on screen helps keep me accountable.

Long story short… Some of my Daily Mile “friends” are in the club I just started running with and last night on the back part of the out-and-back, I was running with two girls and one introduced herself as Gina. I said hi and introduced myself and she said, Are you Jillian my Daily Mile friend?! And with that, my fake friend is now real.

The funny thing is that my Dad was giving me a hard time about my fake friends at home this weekend and pointed out that Gina might, in fact, be Gino, who may actually attack me given the chance. This paranoia from the guy who ENCOURAGED me to hitch a ride with strangers from Atlanta to Fort Myers during college as material for my one-day memoir. 

Anyway, Dad, Gina’s real and super nice.

The run itself wasn’t much to write home about. My legs are tired and my attitude is sort of blah. I fell back to tie my shoe on the way out and didn’t feel like pushing to catch up so I plodded along (until I heard a coyote howl and booked it) and the way back was low key and friendly, but not a real serious effort. I’ll save that for another day when my head is back in the game.

In the meantime, if you’d like to be my Daily Mile friend, say hello here.