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Well, as you have probably noticed, my mini-cation turned into a bit of an extended-stay in the end and now here we are: 2014. The New Year marks the one year anniversary of regular writing on this blog after an even longer extended break and I aspire to writing even more regularly in the year ahead.

I am a huge fan of New Year’s Day and New Year’s Resolutions. I love that clean slate feeling and having a fresh start to assess and realign my goals.  I don’t think I set any resolutions for 2013 (probably to lose weight and wear a bikini… fail) so this time around I’m spelling them out and hitting publish.

Ready, go:

Lose 13 14 pounds. My real life goal is 13, but since it’s 2014 now, may as well shoot for 14. Plus, I’ve been holed up with the flu for the past three days, so I’m already down 3.5. 11.5 to go.

Scale back on the vino. Plain and simple. Also, special-occasions-only-imbibing has got to get me at least halfway to the 14 pound goal.

Run. Farther and faster. Run 850 miles. Sub-4:00 marathon. Sub-1:50 half marathon.

Write (and snail mail) a letter to a friend or family member each month. This is a slight update to one of my 2012 resolutions, which was to call three friends to catch up each month. I hate talking on the phone and love all things writing/paper/handwriting, so this should be a fun challenge for 2014.

Take better care of my car, without being reminded. Boring, but true.

Be charitable. Be kind. Be forgiving. Be patient. Not. Just. Sometimes. I often joke with a friend of mine when a story is going to be “not charitable” in the same way a video or story might be not-safe-for-work because both of our mothers used charitable as the barometer of goodness. In 2014, I’m going to work on embracing that more fully.

What are your goals? Are you anti-resolution? Anything big you accomplished in 2013?