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Do you move enough each day? Have you measured?

I started a new job last week (hence the spotty posting: I’m on a roller coaster ride of exhilarating and enthusiastic highs and absolutely terrified lows. It’s exhausting.) In any case, on my second day on the job I was given a pedometer, courtesy of our health insurance provider. It’s absurd how excited that tacky red piece of plastic made me, but I am obsessed with metrics and was pumped to watch myself whiz past the recommended 10,000 steps a day.

By afternoon, though, I was dumbfounded to have only walked about 5,000 steps. Half the suggested steps?! It seemed impossible. It got worse… the following days had me clocking between 2,500 and 4,000 steps over the course of my 9-5. Come on, people! I always take the stairs?! I guess I overestimated my activity level. I’d like to get to about 7,500 steps a day at the office, figuring I can come up with the remainder before and after hours, bumming around the house and running errands.

I took this picture around 2 PM and yes, I only walked 1,791 steps in the first five hours of my workday. Insane. Since that was such a measly effort, I was curious to see what wearing the pedometer on a treadmill run would do to my calculations.

This was only my second time back at the gym in… awhile… so I stuck with a similar workout from Sunday and ran 4 miles at 8:57, 1 mile at 9:13, and a final mile at gradually slowing speeds until I hit 6 miles total. I started noticing tightness in my hip sometime during the fourth or fifth mile, so I’ll mention it at acupuncture tomorrow, but luckily no real pain.

Good news. Running put me over the recommended 10,000 steps for the first time this week, too.

I haven’t been wearing it around the house, so I was happy to call it a day at 13,762.

This little ticker has made me much more aware of how much I move, so I’m excited to try and make some progress in coming weeks by getting outside during my lunch break when the temperatures are a bit more bearable and hopefully incorporating even more runs back into my life.

Do you wear a pedometer, Up by Jawbone, or Fitbit? Love or hate ’em? Worth the money? Have they made you change your habits?