Short stories from long runs

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Man, oh man. If this doesn’t get you giggling, it might be a lost cause. It’s 20 minutes, yes, but 20 glorious minutes that will for sure start your weekend on a great note.

Don’t have time for 20 minutes of hilarity?

Okay, I’ll break it down for you: 3:17 for the cupcake challenge, 7:34 for pants sandwich, 9:35 for my personal favorite, and 18:32 for a team bicycle challenge. If you’re really short on time, at least watch 7:34 and 9:35. Promise.

The problem is that part of what makes this entire thing so hilarious is that the guys just can’t keep it together from start to finish, and nothing makes me laugh quite like a comedian (or kickass band) with the giggles.

If you hate the whole darn thing, I’m speechless. Maybe the puppy and Clydesdale Super Bowl commercial that’s all over the Internet is more your thing.

Either way, laugh really hard this weekend.