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Perhaps you’ve heard we’re having a bit of a cold snap here in <insert region>. It seems like virtually everyone everywhere–except Sochi, Russia, ironically–is basically freezing half to death. Yesterday I proclaimed that it was time to get back to running, but instead of meeting up with my running club last night, I made a 12-degree impulse decision.

I joined a gym. For a month.

My month-long membership means I will have joined on January 7 and canceled my membership January 10 (the deadline for February cancellation). I might stick around for another month so I don’t actually submit a letter of resignation on Friday after joining on Tuesday.

Anyhow, I’ve been gym-less since bailing on my contract at the local, fancy sports club last summer. My preference is always going to be sweating outside on the roads rather than on a treadmill and for the amount we were shelling out each month, it just didn’t seem worth it.

Sans gym, I’ve dug much deeper into my yoga practice, which has been a godsend, and for the most part I haven’t missed it at all. I rocked my headlamp for pre-dawn and after-dark workouts throughout the fall, and have taken a little recuperation hiatus for the past four weeks or so to recover from the fall and an aggressive November.

In recent weeks, though, I’m really feeling that decision because it is cold, it is dark, it is icy, and therefore, it is dangerous.

So, when it was clear that there was absolutely no way I would be running outside in single-digit temps, I called over to the Planet Fitness near my house to ask about a day rate. $10. Membership for the month? $13.33. Sold.

It’s pretty bare bones, but there are a ton of treadmills and recently renovated locker rooms, so it’s good enough for me. Gotta tell you though, I saw some cuh-ra-zy stuff going down during my run. Really wacky running form and treadmill etiquette, but since I’m resolving to be more charitable, I’ll leave it at that. Looks like the next month will be entertaining if nothing else.

Five miles in 45 minutes. It felt like torture (I’m really out of the habit of treadmill running), but it was definitely better than skipping my workout altogether. By mid-run my hip flexor felt uncomfortable, so I’m going to do some more research and maybe check into PT. Lifting and abs only tomorrow, but I’m looking forward to getting out (or in) to run a few more miles later this week.

Are you a member at a gym? What’s the best feature?

I miss the indoor and outdoor pools from my old club.